Utility Operator

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Utility Operator

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Jim Logan / 06-30-17

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Plant Manager


Brian Plaisance / 06-30-17


This position is responsible for numerous and various tasks and jobs.  A Utility Operator may run equipment or perform support functions such as packing, shipping, receiving, facility maintenance, or any number of other jobs. All employees must follow all applicable operator instructions along with strict adherence to the Quality System.




  • Adhere to all Safety Principles.

  • Adhere to all Quality System Standards.

  • Receiving & Shipping:

    • Handle materials, deliveries, and shipments including unloading with a forklift when necessary (ask for assistance anytime of uncertainty).

    • Delivery of received items to the person that ordered the materials.

    • Preparing materials for shipment to customers or others. This may include packaging and labeling. Written work instructions will apply in specific cases (i.e. shipments to Bosch).

    • Monitor forklift condition and performance (including availability of propane).  Notify supervisor about any forklift performance issues or maintenance requirements.

  • Facility Maintenance:

    • Cleaning the shop floor with the floor scrubber no less than three times each week. 

    • Dumping and cleaning the floor scrubber after each use.

    • Emptying recycling bins and trash cans from the factory area.

    • General housekeeping of shipping, receiving & warehouse space.

  • When specifically assigned:

    • Operate simple machines (without complex adjustments), enter data into computers, handle parts, etc.

    • Process components within established operator cycle times.

    • Prepare required written documentation, i.e. Product Acceptance Records, Nonconforming Material Reports.

    • Assist in on-the-job training of other employees.

  • Participate in Safety, Quality, Cost and Delivery improvements.



  • Ability to read and understand Safety Rules, Standard Operating Procedures, and Work Instructions.

  • Ability to use common hand and power tools.

  • Ability to use calibrated test and measuring equipment.

  • Ability to communicate effectively with work group.

  • Ability to lift 45lbs

  • Ability to stand, bend and reach for 8-10 hour shift.



High school diploma or general education degree (GED) and three to six months related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.



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